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Michelle Gishen

Senior Partner at Louis Gishen & Associates and Director of Gishen & Associates Inc.

Michelle, with the able assistance of her team, especially Mandy Shepherd, continued the firm Louis Gishen and Associates since the passing of her husband Louis in 2013, having been his partner in the practice for nearly 30 years.

With one of their sons, Sean Gishen, fully qualifying as an Attorney, Conveyancer and Notary Public, the “Succession Firm” was created in 2018, namely, Gishen & Associates Incorporated with Michelle and Sean as Directors.

Michelle completed the conveyancing qualification in 1994 and the firms’ property and conveyancing section now offers a wealth of conveyancing experience, particularly to many of the major bank clients and developers.

In addition to her passion for property issues, Michelle has other skills to her palette; she thrives on Estate Planning, Trusts and Finance. Her psychology degree reveals her to be empathetic to Family Law, Mediation, and Domestic issues too.



Who is Michelle when not a lawyer?

Michelle is passionate about traveling (especially when, despite having the scuba licence and her bi-focal mask, she is a liability 25 metres under the ocean with her sons in far-flung places!), enjoys cooking, adores her dogs, is a marsh mellow with little people and is a wannabe architect in her spare time.